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Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Sustainability &
Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR)

"Take Nothing but Memories, Leave Nothing but

  Footprints" Chief Seattle 

We believe that being a leading travel management company is not just about delivering great service to great clients, but it is also about giving care to the host communities, environments, the destination / countries and the internal and external stakeholders of the company to ensure that our clients’ travel will not have a negative but rather a positive impact to the destination they visit.


Core Values

First step to be a responsible company is to be a legal company. And being a legal company, we pledge to respect Cambodia' laws, degrees and other legislative announcement. 

Second step is to promote and implement sustainable tourism, respecting the rights of human beings, especially of children. Marine and other wildlife and the nature in whole needs to be protected so that tourism has a minimal impact on Cambodia' environment.


We have a strong commitment to protect our environment. Our tours are designed to have a minimal impact on nature, wildlife and communities.

We aim to reduce single use plastic to the absolute minimum and offer clients possibilities to design their trip 100% plastic free. 

We extend our own high standards also to our suppliers to make sure the whole supply chain is respecting the environment.

We Support

In order to make a difference, Asia Natural Tours supports actively different projects to bring a direct impact to communities and the environment. 

This is achieved with financial funding of projects but also with aware rising efforts in local and remote communities and within our partner network. 

Read more about our projects further below.

What Does Our Team Think?

ANT Team
Sreykhouch Sok

Sreykhouch Sok

General Manager

The focus on sustainability and environment friendly tourism is more and more demanded from our western customer base. I personally wish that these important changes, will one day become the global standard. I truly believe that our success depends on each one of us. 

​Laet Van

Laet Van

Tours & Event Manager

To me, sustainable tourism plays an important roll for our society.​ Tourism is a main sector in Cambodia' economy, so if tourism is sustainable it will insure for the community a proper daily life, social welfare, and academic progress. It will give many different job opportunities to many and more people.

Aravind Mohan

Business Developm. Manager Asia & Middle East

I feel that a sustainable and responsible tourism is a very important contribution not just for the environment but especially for the affected communities. We as a travel agent need to take responsibility and promote sustainable tourism products and we need to encourage our customers and suppliers to work on a common goal. 

Aravind Mohan

Angkor Kids Center (AKC)

Asia Natural Tours believes that education is the key to a sustainable change, and a holistic developmental approach which empowers children, parents, teachers, and communities to make the positive changes they want to see in their lives.


For this reason ANT is financially supporting the "Angkor Kids Center (AKC)" since the beginning of the project.


Samnag Chhon, Co founder of ANT, was also responsible for the founding of Angkor Kids Center in the first place, and dedicates a big part of his private life to the wellbeing of the project and the children attending classes at AKC.


Angkor Kids Center (AKC) is a private, non-profit, non-political, non-religious community-based educational center established to help educate children in Somrong Village, Siem Rep Province.  

The center is based in the Eastern part of Somrong village, 27 km away from the provincial center with a population of approximately 2,500 people.

AKC’s mission is to aid rural Angkorian communities in improving their own standards of living, with a focus on increasing access to the rare but compulsory education in English lessons and cultivating techniques.

Our informal education center takes initiatives; AKC is supporting education for more than 443 families in one village, primarily.


ANT Angkor Kids Center (AKC)
ANT Angkor Kids Center (AKC)
ANT Refill Not Landfill
Refill Not Landfill ANT

Refill Not Landfill

Refill Not Landfill is a global campaign to reduce single-use plastic drinking bottles and other single-use plastic waste.

Refill Not Landfill aims to reduce the millions of plastic water bottles discarded each year by encouraging the use of reusable drinking bottles, replacing millions of single-use plastic water bottles, and offering free water refill stations at participating businesses and partners around the world.




Asia Natural Tours supports the aim of the Refill Not Landfill project. We encourage or clients to opt for a plastic free stay, using the wide network of Refill Stations of Refill Not Landfill throughout Cambodia.

Interested in such a solution? Let us know at your inquiry. 

plastic problem

Asia Natural Tours
Code of Conduct

We will always strive to be a responsible corporate citizen globally.

We will:

  • Behave in a way that brings benefits – beyond jobs – to those communities where we operate.

  • Listen and respond to every concern of our neighbours if they are affected by our activities.

  • Focus our community involvement on issues related to our business or where we have a special ability to help.

  • Support and encourage our people who want to volunteer their time and experience to help our communities.

  • Make meaningful contributions to the community if possible and needed.

  • Encourage our people to play a wider role in society, joining in public debates and supporting national and local civic initiatives in a spirit that reflects our values.

  • Abide the law.

  • Partake in the local campaigns to reduce single use plastic.

  • Comply with international standards as appropriate.

  • Encourage our staff to be environmentally aware and help them to help us, to help others.

  • Use natural resources efficiently.

  • Reduce, re-use, and recycling whenever we can.

  • Encourage our partners to follow our environmental stance.

  • Encourage our suppliers to minimise their impact on the environment.

  • Give our clients the best choices to help them reduce and manage their environmental impact.

  • Take an active part in improving the environmental performance of our industry.

Child Safe Network

Exploitation of children is still a problem in Southeast Asia. ChildSafe created 7 Tips to help you understand what can hurt children and how to react in such situations. 

Our guides are specifically trained to this topic, nevertheless we encourage the responsible traveler to familiarize with this topic before the journey.


THINK! Children are not tourist attractions – let’s not treat them like they are.


THINK! Volunteering with children feels good but could be harmful – look for better ways to help them.


THINK! Children pay a price for your generosity – don’t give to begging children.


THINK! Children should not be at work instead of school – report child labor.


THINK! Sex with children is a crime – report child sex tourism.


THINK! Professionals know best – call them if a child needs help.


THINK! Keep our planet ChildSafe – protect the environment.

ANT Child Safe Network
ANT Angkor Wat

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