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Kingdom of Wonders - Reopening

Cambodia, the kingdom of wonders, announces the reopening of the Tourism Industry, where travellers can enjoy quarantine free travel to all provinces in Cambodia.


It is official! From 15 November 2021, Cambodia is welcoming fully vaccinated visitor from around the word with quarantine free entry, without any restriction in order to revive the tourist industry that has been severely affected by COVID-19 pandemic.

Read the details below:

Kingdom of Wonders - Reopening

Siem Reap - Reopening

Siem Reap with its vast Temple complex of Angkor, is the key destination for tourists visiting Cambodia.

The city is waiting with a complete new face, especially with an upgraded road system, with a new focus to wide pedestrian walkways that includes the renovation of public places with other amenities.

Most of the hospitality infrastructure is under renovation and plenty of them is ready to accept guests.

Furthermore, significant upgrades to the infrastructure around the Angkor temples are under progress too and are already enhancing the customer experience today.

Siem Reap airport is getting ready to start their operation soon.
Siem Reap Reopening
Airplane Wing


You can reach Cambodia by Land, Sea and Air. All borders are open.

As of now, there are direct flights arriving from Singapore, China and South Korea.

Malaysian Airlines and others will schedule flights to Cambodia from the 19 November onwards.

Travel routes to and from Thailand are expected to open in December.

Currently the flight connections only serve Phnom Penh coming from Singapore, South Korea and China.

Siem Reap Airport is expected to start their operations by early to mid December.
Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements


(including children/babies) are allowed to enter Cambodia, by land, air and water without Quarantine if they provide the following:

  • Legitimate certificate of COVID-19 vaccination Card (fully vaccinated).  => (final dose need to be completed minimum 14 days before arrival - must state travellers name, type of vaccine, dates of vaccinations - must be hard copy not digital

  • List of approved vaccines can be seen here

  • Negative PCR Test max. 72hours prior departure to Cambodia.  => (Must be hard copy, not digital, should have wet ink signature & stamp - printed on clinic/testing facilities letterhead and includes travellers full name, date of birth/age & passport number)

  • Tourist Visa or other valid visa. Visas need to be done at a Cambodian Embassy prior to travel or online  Visa on arrival remain suspended.

  • Travellers are encouraged to purchased local FORTE Insurance (90$ per person) but it is NOT mandatory. An Insurance covering COVID treatment at least up to USD 50'000.-- is necessary. 

Note for children : Unvaccinated under-18-years-olds travelling as part of a family group, will be quarantined in accordance with the period that applies to their parents.

On arrival, vaccinated travellers will undergo a Rapid Antigen Test (results 15-20min ) and if it's negative, they will be free to go anywhere. For now, this test is free of charge.

Those who test positive will be sent to a separate approved quarantine.treatment facility.


Need to undergo Rapid test on arrival, FORTE Insurance purchased, 2000$ deposit and a Quarantine of 14 days with a PCR test at Day 13th.

Destinations in Cambodia

We offer a wide range of activities in all our local destinations.
Destination in Cambodia
Beach (9).jpg

Pristine beaches, crystal clear water, a yet unexplored paradise is waiting for you.


Heart of the ancient Khmer Empire. Home to the Angkor Temple Park, a UNESCO World Heritage gem.


Bustling capital city of Cambodia. A hotspot for cultural exploration and culinary highlights.


Lush countryside, tropical beaches, world-renowned Kampot pepper and a wide range of activities.


Volcanic lakes, waterfalls, jungle and the unique ethnic minorities are just a few of the highlights in the east.


Deep jungle, wildlife, mighty river systems and lots of adventure can be found in the Cardamom'.


Home to mind-blowing mountain temples, wild nature and ruins, hidden and overgrown.


Battambang offers a lot of art & culture and is a laid back and authentic Cambodian town.


River Dolphins, mighty waterfalls, fishing life and historic gems. The Mekong: Cambodia's lifeline.

So Much More To See...

...Than Just Angkor Wat

Cambodia Quick FAQ

A short excerpt of the most important  information. You didn't find an answer to your question here?

Contact us, we can help you out.
Best: The best time to visit Cambodia is from October to March, however this also depends also on the destination and activity you want to do.

Average: Cambodia can be very interesting
in the monsoon season from June to beginning of October. Additional benefit: Less crowded.

Least:  The hottest season from April to May.
A valid passport (6 month over the stay) and a official visa are required to enter Cambodia.

The visa can be obtained upon arrival at the airport, at a Cambodian embassy in your country or online.
Riel (KHR) is Cambodia's currency. However, US dollars are also accepted as legal tender.

ATM's are available in all major cities and tourist areas such as Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Kampot, Battambang and Sihanoukville. In other areas, ATM facilities are limited and may be unreliable.
Before you go to Cambodia, make sure your vaccinations are up to date, including measles and rabies.
Other vaccinations are recommended, including hepatitis (A&B) and typhoid, malaria, polio, Yellow Fever... Talk to your travel health professional about which ones are right for you.
These days, Cambodia is a pretty safe country for tourists. The most common crime is bag- or cellphone-snatching which mostly happens only in Phnom Penh.

Be also aware of unrealistic price expectations when bargaining for a service or goods
Wi-fi and mobile phone coverage is really good in the main cities and towns. However, many of the islands and remote areas may not offer the best coverage of service.

Various providers of prepaid SIM Cards for mobile services including affordable data packages are available on the airport or in town.
ANT tours
Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat 
World Heritage

Doubtless, the most intriguing site in all of Cambodia. The monumental temple of Angkor Wat is the world's largest religious structure.
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