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Phnom Penh Bustling

The shining golden tops of the Royal Palace, reflecting in the waters of the mighty Mekong, a maze of exotic markets knitted together bustling with life, the fluttering of the monks’ orange robes  – Phnom Penh is "the Asia" many daydream about from afar. 

The city has changed its face over the history many times. The newest addition are glimmering high-rises which shoot from the ground like mushrooms. 

This adds to the contrast to a city that never sleeps. 
ANT Phnom Penh
ANT Phnom Penh
ANT Phnom Penh

Ancient Culture &
Vibrant Nights

Street vendors selling noodles outside of multinational banks, beautiful gilded pagodas and shrines set in areas of heart-rending poverty, chic boutiques side by side with counterfeit DVD sellers.
Phnom Penh is indeed a city of contrasts but it has conserved its charm, especially in the area along the banks of the Mekong river.
Sunset is a good time to visit the riverside, where a multitude of restaurants offer cuisine from all over Asia & Europe. But hold on, first a glass of wine on a sunset cruise on the Mekong to snatch another perspective of Cambodia' capital. 
Diving deeper into town brings you to the covered central market, with its beautiful architecture and many and more produce on sale. 
Feeling more adventures? Then a visit of an authentic street food tour offers a deep insight not only in the special favorite dishes of the locals, but also in their life around markets and busy street food corners. A perfect introduction into the nightlife, which rapidly grows to one of Asia' hotspots.

Next thing you don't want to miss is a tour to the many cultural highlights the capital has to offer:

Disturbing relicts from the past Khmer Rouge regime, now turned museum, inspiring street art, traditional dance workshops and contemporary art galleries, Phnom Penh has it all. 

Koh Dach - Silk Island

Leaving the hectic capital behind, a short river cruise transfers you into a complete different setup. 

Koh Dach, or the Silk Island, is located about 45 minutes upstream of the Mekong and is a natural paradise.

Exploring this island can be done by bicycle or in the classic Khmer Tuk Tuk.

Along the scenic way, different stops give an insight of the traditional livelihood of its local residents.

True to its name, weaving silk products is the main source of income for many here and the families are proud to show their skills to visitors. 

Many other workshops and Buddhist temples can be visited up close on an excursion to Koh Dach.
ANT Koh Dach - Silk Island
ANT Koh Dach - Silk Island

Phnom Penh Quick FAQ

A short excerpt of the most important  information. You didn't find an answer to your question here?

Contact us, we can help you out.
You can visit Phnom Penh all year round but best time is from November to February when the temperature is not too hot.
ATMs are available almost everywhere in Phnom Penh. The best money exchange is around central market.
Beware of bag- or cellphone-snatching, often by thieves riding past on motorbikes.

Be also aware of unrealistic price expectations when bargaining for a service or goods. 
Water festival end of October / beginning of November is a specular celebration in Phnom Penh with boat competitions, firework and lantern floating along the Mekong.
Various providers of prepaid SIM Cards for mobile services including affordable data packages are available on the airport or in town.
The WiFi infrastructure is wide spread in Phnom Penh. Almost every venue these days offers free WiFi to their customers.
ANT Phnom Pehn

Phnom Penh - Still 
a Little Village

There are many corners in Phnom Penh, that offer a truly intriguing view of the way of life in this Asian mega city. 
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