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Kep & Kampot Tranquil Live Along the Coast

The towns of Kep and Kampot often get overlooked by the general tourist flow, but its long considered a gem by Phom Penh based locals and expats.
Located at the Coast in Cambodia' southwest, Kep and Kampot offers chilled vibes, lush countryside, tropical beaches and many different activities to choose from.
It is very easy to fall in love with the relaxing and authentic atmosphere in this area.
ANT Kep & Kampot
ANT Kep & Koh Tonsay
ANT Kep & Koh Tonsay

Kep & Koh Tonsay

Located directly on the beautiful coast, Kep served as a city getaway in its colonial past. Many villas of this times are dotted along the coastal road, some of which in desperate need of renovation.

This decay does not disturb the charm of this little town with its superb seafood that is offered in one of the charming restaurants at the sea, next to the crab market. 

Kep is especially famous for its delicious Kep-Crab which is freshly cooked with Kampot pepper and garlic.

Some easy hiking is possible in the nearby National- and Nature-Park which also offers nice views of the coastline. 

A visit of nearby salt flats offer an insight into the salt farming process and the chance to purchase some of its produce.
Popular for a day trip but also for a night stay is the nearby Koh Tonsay or Rabbit Island. It is a short transfer by boat and Koh Tonsay is one of the lesser visited islands of Cambodia and offers rustic charm and beautiful beaches.

A perfect opportunity for an off the beaten path experience.


Kampot is mostly known for its world-renowned Kampot Pepper. 

These organic pepper farms are set at the base of surrounding mountains, in beautiful, lush nature between rice fields, lakes and streams.

A Tuk-Tuk countryside tour is the best way to discover the farms but also the countryside. A scenic ride on bumpy red-roads through rice fields, with stops on monkey filled temple hills and some exciting cave explorations. 

On the pepper plantation you will learn about the different types of pepper and the whole production process including a tasting and of course the possibility to purchase your favorite Kampot pepper. A perfect souvenir.

Kampot’s a sleepy town, known for its quiet setting alongside the Praek Teuk Chhu River invites for a coffee and book at the riverside, or later in the day for a drink with the setting sun in the background reflecting in the river.
ANT Kampot
ANT Kampot

Kep & Kampot Quick FAQ

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From November to March.
ATMs are available everywhere.
The mobile coverage is available anywhere.
Internet access and wi-fi are available in most of the hotel and more and more other venues.
Kampot & Kep and its surrounding are very safe. However pickpocketing does happen occasionally in town.
ANT Kep Crab

Enjoy A Crab

Kep is especially famous for its delicious Kep-Crab which is freshly cooked with Kampot pepper and garlic.
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