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Far East

The far eastern region of Cambodia is offering authentic rural Khmer life, largely unaffected by the modern world.

Forested highlands, ethnic minorities with their centuries old traditions, volcanic lakes, stunning waterfalls, pristine jungle and above all, elephants are found in plenty in Cambodia' far east.

A retreat to nature and culture and if interested, active holidays.
ANT Cambodian Far East
ANT Ratanakiri
ANT Ratanakiri


Ratanakiri marks the remote northeastern corner of Cambodia, bordering Laos and Vietnam.
The province is home to different ethnic minority groups residing in natural reserves north of Tonle San river, a distant trip from Banlung the provincial center of Ratanakiri.

There are various opportunities to visit these groups to glimpse an insight of their daily life and traditions. 
All excursions start from Banlung with a transfer to the Tonle San. From there the mode of transport can vary according to the travellers liking. Cruising upriver in a Long-tail boat, taking a "Guyun", a local Khmer tractor, or by foot on an immersive jungle trekking to explore fauna and flora, wildlife and some hidden waterfalls.

Closer to Banlung, a perfectly circular volcanic lake, Yeak Laom, invites for a swim in its clear water. 

A Tuk Tuk, or bicycle ride takes the traveler to some picturesque waterfalls in the close vicinity, another opportunity for a refreshing swim. 


Mondulkiri has seen some devastating logging in its recent history. A huge part of the highland plateau of the province is affected. 

Still, Mondulkiri has preserved some of its former untouched forestlands also thanks to the engagement of Ecotourism Projects such as the Elephant Valley Project (EVP). 

At EVP, travellers have the opportunity to observe elephants and their behavior in an ethical and sustainable way. 
Hike into the elephant’s natural jungle habitat & observe these amazing animals being themselves. There is no riding, no tricks, no shows & no stress for the elephants, making a visit a truly unique experience.

Beside elephants, Mondulkiri offers insight into the traditional life of the Bunong minority with its unique village architecture. 

Beautiful Sunsets can be seen on one of the viewpoints, overlooking the "Sea-Forest".

A must is also the visit to the massive, two cascade Busra waterfall. If you feel adventures the Zip-Line across Busra's falling water masses is a must do. 
ANT Mondulkiri
ANT Mondulkiri

Far East Quick FAQ

A short excerpt of the most important  information. You didn't find an answer to your question here?

Contact us, we can help you out.
Dry season from November to March. Avoid rainy season from June to September.
Carry enough cash with you. ATM's and money exchange can be hard to find in remote areas.
Bring with you mosquito spray and sleep with a mosquito.Stay healthy, eat well cooked food and don’t drink tap water. It is a remote region, health care facilities are limited.
The mobile coverage and the internet access are unreliable from one place to another. Wi-fi is mostly available at the hotel but with really low connection.
Use a local guide when walking in forested areas.
ANT Far East

Ethnic Minorities in Cambodias Far East

Explore ethnic minorities, in their traditional settings while visiting one of the last habitats of elephants.
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