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Cardamom Mountains - Into the Wild

The vast blanket of tropical rainforest, situated in Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains, remains one of Southeast Asia’s most pristine expanse of wilderness.

This wild region offers spectacular nature, wildlife encounters, great river systems and is home to some of Cambodia' ethnic minorities.
The region is getting more accessible these days, but remains an Eldorado for the adventure and nature loving traveler that seeks to find places off the beaten path.
ANT Cardamom Mountains
ANT Chi Phat & Stung Areng 
ANT Chi Phat & Stung Areng 

Chi Phat & Stung Areng 

Immerse into the wilderness!

The community based tourism models in both regions will let you dive into the pristine world of tropical rainforest in the Cardamom Mountains.

Different types of rustic, but comfortable, accommodation introducing you to the local village life. Let a family be your host in one of the home-stays and try their freshly cooked Khmer food.

Take a river cruise on the meandering rivers in a local barque searching for crocodiles. Kayak along the mangroves, spotting birds and small mammals.
Opt for a hiking adventure, ranging from day trips to multi-day expeditions, crossing into the deep jungle, with camping nights in the wild. Experienced guides and forest cooks look out for your needs, guiding you through the dense forest and taking you to secluded rivers and waterfalls for a refreshing bath in the crystal clear waters.

Catch the last light of the setting sun, with a pick nick set up on a scenic spot in the wild.

Unique and deep experiences can be found in the wild of Chi Phat and Stung Areng.

Tatai & Koh Kong

Located in southwest of Cambodia, Koh Kong Province is bordering with Thailand. The region is famous for its abundance of great river systems, green jungles, wildlife, waterfalls and Asia's largest mangrove habitat. 

Tatai river, meandering lazily through still untouched wilderness, gently flowing through local villages, often only reachable by boat. 

Joining the sea, the river extends into a maze of smaller river arms forming the largest mangrove ecosystem in Asia.

The calmness of the river, the picturesque nature is just made to take a break in one of the floating resorts along the river, relax and letting the world flow by.

Once batteries are recharged, set off to explore this unique ecosystem. A wide range of activities offer a great way to connect with the surrounding nature. 

Explore the mighty Tatai waterfall on a small jungle trekking, kayak through the mangroves looking for live, hiding in the web of their roots.

Visit secluded village communities and observe their way of life, or opt for a bbq dinner, while floating on the river.

A visit of Koh Kong town is a stark contrast to the calmness of Tatai river, but takes you to an authentic Cambodian city, offering great seafood and some beautiful beaches, facing the setting sun.
ANT Tatai & Koh Kong
ANT Tatai & Koh Kong
ANT Cardamom Tented Camp
ANT Cardamom Tented Camp

Cardamom Tented Camp

"Your Stay Keeps the Forest Standing"
Cambodia’s vast forests and pristine natural resources are threatened by illegal logging, poaching and habitat destruction. By adhering to sustainable tourism practices, Cardamom Tented Camp is making a stand against these destructive trends.

The Cardamom Tented Camp is a pioneering and responsible Eco-Tourism provider, committed to supporting the conservational efforts of Wildlife Alliance in cooperation with the local community, with a mandate to sustain and prosper the rich prevailing biodiversity of the area.

The small scale and low-impact eco-tourism camp with nine basic but comfortable tented accommodations, is designed to provide guests with an all-encompassing nature experience, while actively contributing to research, protection and conservation efforts of the existing natural reserves.

Through strong collaboration with the nearby Trapeang Rung Commune and the extensive guidance of Wildlife Alliance, guests have the chance to undertake ranger-guided hikes and fieldtrips into the lowland evergreen rainforest during which they will learn how to track animals, set up and evaluate camera traps, as well as monitor and evaluate the park’s natural resources.

Kayaking is another way to explore the river system, floating along the banks scanning for wildlife and listening to the singing of Gibbons.

A true and meaningful nature experience.

Go Wild With
Unparalleled Style

Daring, boundary-pushing tented camp that puts Cambodia’s green wilderness on the map of luxury travel.

Welcome to Shinta Mani Wild – a radical new fusion of world-class design, all-inclusive hospitality and conservation, where your stay makes a real difference in protecting unique and endangered species.

A zip-line brings you soaring through the canopy of trees to a bar beside a waterfall, and a flamboyant tented camp, vintage in style, as if pegged there for passing royalty back in the day.

Then, the luxury adventure begins.
ANT Wild
ANT Wild

Cardamom Mountains   Quick FAQ

A short excerpt of the most important  information. You didn't find an answer to your question here?

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Dry season from December to April is the best time for trekking and wildlife observation.
ATMs are almost not existent in this area, bring enough cash with you.
Bring with you mosquito spray and sleep with a mosquito.
Stay healthy, eat well cooked food and don’t drink tap water. It is a remote region, health care facilities are limited.
The mobile coverage and the internet access are unreliable in most places in the Cardamom'.
Stick to marked paths in remote areas (due to the possible presence of landmines).

Always take a guide when entering the jungle.
ANT The Cardamoms

Flowing Water and Green Jungle: The Cardamoms

"It is all around you, the lush nature, overflowing, green, alive."
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